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Our Hardware Department stocks a huge range of products suitable for all fencing and decking applications.  Screws…


Our Hardware Department stocks a huge range of products suitable for all fencing and decking applications. Screws and fixings, hinges and gate fittings, timber preservatives and tools, you’ll be sure to find what you need all in one shop.

Spiked Fittings

Simple, fast and strong way to erect fence posts.

Item Dimensions

75 x 75 x 600mm
100 x 100 x 762mm

Spiked Fittings

Concrete-in Fittings

Laying concrete and putting up posts? Think ahead and use concrete anchors.

Item Dimensions

75 x 75 x 300mm
100 x 100 x 300mm

Concrete-in Fittings

Bolt Down Fittings

The simple way to secure posts, pergolas and decks onto hard surfaces – with a smaller plate for a snug fit.

Item Dimensions

75 x 75 x 150mm
100 x 100 x 150mm

Bolt Down Fittings

Quick Setting Post Mix

Pre-mixed for fixing fence, gate posts, pergolas etc.  Sets in 10 minutes

Item Dimensions

20 Kg

Post Caps

Treated Green these chamfered caps provide both a decorative finish to a fence post and provide protection from the elements.

Item Dimensions

75 x 75mm
75 x 100mm
100 x 100mm

Post Caps

Decorative Finial – Acorn

Treated Green these turned finials provide a distinctive finish to your fence or decking posts.  Complete with cap.

Item Dimensions


Decorative Finial - Acorn

Decorative Finial – Ball Cap

Treated Green these turned finials provide a distinctive finish to your fence or decking posts.  Complete with cap.

Item Dimensions


Decorative Finial - Ball Cap

Decorative Finial – Bishop’s Mitre

Treated Green these turned finials provide a distinctive finish to your fence or decking posts.  Complete with cap.

Item Dimensions


Decorative Finial - Bishop's Mitre



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