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Decking offers a softer approach to hard landscaping, blending seamlessly with the contours of your garden. We stock all of the materials required for the construction and maintenance of decking in your garden. Our Timber Sales Team will be happy to advise you as to your exact requirements.


Decking Boards

We stock the highest quality decking boards all pressure treated with a timber preservative.  Lengths vary according to availability from 3600mm to 5400mm, please contact our Timber Sales Team for details of our current stock holding.

Item Dimensions

32 x 125mm

All sizes are nominal

Decking Boards

Hand and Base Rail

All treated to match decking with Tanalith E

Item Dimensions

Hand & Base Rail – 44 x 68mm – 2.4Mtr Lengths


Hand and Base Rail

Full & Half Newell Posts

All treated to match decking with Tanalith E

Item Dimensions

90 x 90 x 1350mm

Full & Half Newell Posts

Turned & Plain Spindles

All treated to match decking with Tanalith E

Item Dimensions

41 x 41 x 900mm

Turned & Plain Spindles

Decking Joists – Tanalised

We carry all sections and lengths of Tanalised joists necessary for the construction of any sized deck.

Item Dimensions

Decking Joists - Tanalised

Tanalised Posts

We carry all sections and lengths of Tanalised posts necessary for the construction of any sized deck.

Item Dimensions

Tanalised Posts



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