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Garden Furniture


To complement our hard landscaping products we offer a range of quality garden furniture, picnic and garden benches, alcove seats and tables – please feel free to look round next time your in the yard.


Constructed in pressure treated softwood, solid and sturdy.  Available from stock flat-packed or pre-built.

Seats 3/2/1

Item Dimensions

700mm (carver shown with Garden Table below)

Bench for Garden

Standard Round Table & Bench Seat

Constructed in pressure treated softwood, solid and sturdy.  Available from stock flat-packed or pre-built.

Seats up to 8 persons.

Item Dimensions

Diameter of Table Top = 1300mm
Total Diameter = 2100mm

Standard Round Table & Bench Seat

“A” Frame Table

Constructed in pressure treated softwood, solid and sturdy.  Available in two sizes from stock either flat-packed or pre-built.

Seats – 6/8

Item Dimensions

Table top = 720mm x 1800mm
Overall size = 1500mm x 1800mm

Table top = 720mm x 1400mm
Overall size = 1500mm x 1400mm

A Frame Table

Garden Table

Constructed in pressure treated softwood, solid and sturdy. Available from stock either flat-packed or pre-built.

Shown with 1500mm benches and carvers (available separately)

Seats up 8

Item Dimensions

760 wide x 860 high x 1500mm long.

Garden Table


Constructed in pressure treated softwood, solid and sturdy.  Available from stock either flat-packed or pre-built.

Seats 3

Item Dimensions




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