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Tanalised Timber

We stock the standard range of sections in pressure treated Tanalised timber suitable for…


We stock the standard range of sections in pressure treated Tanalised timber suitable for use as fencing, decking, landscaping and construction timber. All stock is treated with a variety of proprietary treatments conforming to British Standards. Treatment gives the wood an aesthetically pleasing green colour and long-term protection from decay, insects and termites.  Please note that lengths may vary from time to time according to availability, please phone our timber sales desk up-to-date information as to our stock holding.

Section (mm) Lengths (mm)
Timber 1800 2400 3000 3600 3900 4200 4800 5400
47 x 50
47 x 75
47 x 100
47 x 150
47 x 225
47 x 250
75 x 75
75 x 100
75 x 150
100 x 100
150 x 150
Slate Laths
19 x 38
25 x 38
25 x 50
25 x 100
75 x 75
100 x 100
25 x 75
19 x 125
25 x 125
19 x 125


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