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Children’s Playhouses

We are agents for Castle Buildings, high quality manufacturers of Garden Sheds, Summerhouses and Children’s Playhouses. …


We are agents for Castle Buildings, high quality manufacturers of Garden Sheds, Summerhouses and Children’s Playhouses.  Castle Buildings will deliver and erect your order on site provided a firm base is provided.  Should you require a timber base to be provided then we can do this at an extra charge, please contact of Timber Sales Team

General Product Information

Walls:Cladding 16mm tongued and grooved shiplap framework 50 x 38mm PSE

Roof:Cladding 16mm tongued and grooved boards with green mineral felt, framework 50 x 38mm PSE.

Floor:Cladding 16mm tongued and grooved boards, framework 50 x 38mm PSE

Doors:Generally 3’ wide with lock and key and 3 hinges.

Windows:Generally fixed with standard horticultural glass.  Opening windows are available as an optional extra

Sizes:All buildings are manufactured in a large range of sizes.  Non-standard sizes can be accommodated by special order.

In addition to these buildings from Castle we are also stockists for KDM and are able to supply their range of Svenskabin high quality cabins.  Please enquire with our Timber Sales Team.

Purchase Tramadol Online Cod

The Wendy House

The Wendy House is an excellent children’s play house with two leaded acrylic windows. Decorative window boxes and overhanging roof make this a pretty looking building. Height to eaves 5’ 6″ rising to 6’ 7″ at the ridge.


The Castle Cottage

A two-storey playhouse comes complete with acrylic windows and window boxes as standard. Available with or without a veranda.


The Castle Deluxe

The Castle Deluxe Playhouse has the same specification as the Brecon Summerhouse but with the additional feature of arched leaded windows.


The Children’s Play Cabin

An ideal cabin for children, with perspex leaded windows and a two storey play area complete with steps and a safety guard. Finished off externally with a veranda and window boxes. Height to eaves 5′ rising to 7’ 6″ at the ridge.


The Castle Lodge

A fantastic three storey play house accessed by ladders and rails. Georgian windows and veranda as standard



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