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Garden Sheds

We are agents for Castle Buildings, high quality manufacturers of Garden Sheds, Summerhouses…


We are agents for Castle Buildings, high quality manufacturers of Garden Sheds, Summerhouses and Children’s Playhouses.  Castle Buildings will deliver and erect your order on site provided a firm base is provided.  Should you require a timber base to be provided then we can do this at an extra charge, please contact of Timber Sales Team

General Product Information:

Walls:Cladding 16mm tongued and grooved shiplap framework 50 x 38mm PSE.

Roof:Cladding 16mm tongued and grooved boards with green mineral felt, framework 50 x 38mm PSE.

Floor:Cladding 16mm tongued and grooved boards, framework 50 x 38mm PSE

Doors:Generally 3’ wide with lock and key and 3 hinges.

Windows:Generally fixed with standard horticultural glass.  Opening windows are available as an optional extra

Sizes:All buildings are manufactured in a large range of sizes.  Non-standard sizes can be accommodated by special order.

In addition to these buildings from Castle we are also stockists for KDM and are able to supply their range of Svenskabin high quality cabins.  Please enquire with our Timber Sales Team.

Order Tramadol Paypal

The Sandal Pent


A popular garden shed with 6’ 4″ head height at the front ridge sloping to 5’ 9″ at the rear. The 2’ 9″ wide door can be situated in any of the positions below:



The Stirling Pent

The Stirling Pent is an ideal shed built for the taller customer. A head height of 7’ 4″ to the front , sloping to 6’ 10″ at the rear.

The Conisbro Apex

The Conisbro’ has an apex roof 5’ 6″ to eaves rising to 6’ 6″ ridge. Window and door positions are available in two options.

The Conway Apex

The Conway Apex is an ideal store shed with 5’ 9″ eaves rising to a 6’ 9″ ridge giving ample headroom. Door and windows positions are available in two options.

The Eden Log Store Shed


The Eden Log store is a multi functional apex building. A built in log store space to the outside creates an internal work bench on the inside of the building.

The Security Apex


Perfect for storing valuable equipment. An apex roof and a 6′ clear head height throughout the interior. A 3” x 2″ fully framed, 2’ 9″ door fitted with security padlock protector and security hinges. The narrow windows are internally glazed for extra security.

The Buckingham Apex


A Buckingham Apex shed with a 6′ clear head height throughout the interior. A 2′ 9″ door is fitted as standard or 4′ and 5′ double doors are available as an optional extra on buildings greater than 6′ wide.


The Hobby Apex

An attractive and versatile apex which is an ideal storage building pleasing to the eye. Built with 6′ high walls rising to a 6’ 9″ ridge. Fixed windows are fitted to the front and one fixed window to each side.

The Hobby Deluxe

The Hobby Deluxe has the same specification as the Hobby Apex but with additional decorative features. This includes a 1′ roof overhang, scalloped fascias, antique hinges and leaded windows. A 2′ veranda can be fitted as an optional extra.

The Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle is a pretty garden shed which comes with a 3′ door; two leaded fixed arched windows and a 1′ roof overhang.

The Castle Cabin

The Castle Cabin is an economical summerhouse or a simple garden shed. A 12″ roof overhand and two-joinery type fixed Georgian style windows are fitted as standard. Additional fixed or opening windows are available as an optional extra.

The Castle Dog Kennel & Run

The Castle Dog Kennel is a spacious run which is also covered. Two separate doors enable you to keep both the run and the kennel clean.

The Sandal Potting Shed

This building gives good storage and also gives excellent light to enable you to grow your own plants from seed. An internal bench is provided to hold plant trays and two opening windows as standard. A stable door can be fitted as an optional extra.

The Castle Potting Shed

The Potting Shed is ideal for gardening enthusiasts to allow those tender seedlings time to grow before planting outside. Door can be positioned at either the left or right hand end. An opening window can be fitted opposite the door as an optional extra.

Tool Store

This tool shed is ideal for people with limited space and will fit most tight spaces.  It also allows you to keep your garden tools under lock and key.

Complete with double doors as standard, approximately 18” wide, 5’ high at the front rising to 5’5” at the rear.


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