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Summer Houses

We are agents for Castle Buildings, high quality manufacturers of Garden Sheds, Summerhouses…


We are agents for Castle Buildings, high quality manufacturers of Garden Sheds, Summerhouses and Children’s Playhouses.  Castle Buildings will deliver and erect your order on site provided a firm base is provided.  Should you require a timber base to be provided then we can do this at an extra charge, please contact of Timber Sales Team

General Product Information:

Walls:Cladding 16mm tongued and grooved shiplap framework 50 x 38mm PSE

Roof:Cladding 16mm tongued and grooved boards with green mineral felt, framework 50 x 38mm PSE.

Floor:Cladding 16mm tongued and grooved boards, framework 50 x 38mm PSE

Doors:Generally 3’ wide with lock and key and 3 hinges.

Windows:Generally fixed with standard horticultural glass.  Opening windows are available as an optional extra

Sizes:All buildings are manufactured in a large range of sizes.  Non-standard sizes can be accommodated by special order.

In addition to these buildings from Castle we are also stockists for KDM and are able to supply their range of Svenskabin high quality cabins.  Please enquire with our Timber Sales Team.

Order Tramadol Paypal

The Corner House

The Cornerhouse is designed to fit and enhance the lonely corner of your garden.  Features double Georgian doors and opening windows (6 x 6′ model is fitted with four pane Brecon doors and windows).

The Pitched Corner House

The Pitched Cornerhouse has the same specification as the Cornerhouse but features a fabulous pitched roof.  In the 6 x 6′ model the doors and windows are the same as the Brecon.  The shingle foof shown on the photo is available as an extra.

The Brecon

This summerhouse with its excellent looks would suit most gardens and make an excellent feature. Large windows and glazed door gives all round good looks. A 2’ 6″ veranda (shown) is available as an extra..

The Wiston

The Winston has the same specification as the Brecon Summerhouse but with the additional feature of arched leaded windows. A 2’6″ Veranda is available as an extra.

The Cromwell


The Cromwell is a dual purpose summerhouse with an integral storage shed. This multi-purpose garden building comes with a georgian window and double doors on the summerhouse. Summerhouse is a 7’ wide x 6’. Store building is 3’ wide x 8’.

The Wentworth

An attractive designed summerhouse which features three Georgian opening windows and double doors. A 2’ 6″ veranda is available as an extra.


The Pembroke

A stylish and elegant Summerhouse, yet economically priced. Features double Georgian doors and four opening windows as standard allowing plenty of light.

A 2’6 or 4′ veranda is available as an extra.

The Dover

The Dover is an excellent looking Summerhouse with an attractive three section Georgian bay window and door at the front and opening windows to each side.

A 2’6 or 4′ veranda is available as an extra.

The Ludlow


The Ludlow is a stylish summerhouse adding a touch of class to any garden. Georgian style windows to the front and sides of the building create a light and airy space. Available in 8’, 10’, and 12’ width options and various depths.


The Kendal

The Kendal is part of our latest contemporary range with full glass windows and a foot roof overhang on the roof. This summerhouse comes complete with toughened glass as standard. NB: The photo illustrates the alternative of painting the building, instead of treating with our wood preservative.



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