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Carcassing Timber

Our product range consists of kiln dried whitewood timber, planer regularised with eased edges and C16/24 strength graded…


Our product range consists of kiln dried whitewood timber, planer regularised with eased edges and C16/24 strength graded for general and specified use in construction applications.  Please contact our Timber Sales Office where you have specific grading requirements.

Section(mm) Length
2400 3000 3600 4200 4800 5400 6000
47 x 50
47 x 75
47 x 100
47 x 125
47 x 150
47 x 175
47 x 200
47 x 225
75 x 175
75 x 200  ✓
75 x 225
100 x 200 Please contact us for stock details
100 x 300

The above is a selection of lengths normally available from stock, from time to time these may vary according to availability.  Please contact us if you have a bulk order, special requirements or specification queries.


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