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Sheet Materials

Plywood, MDF and Chipboard are all stocked in a huge variety of grades and thicknesses suitable for all uses.


Plywood, MDF and Chipboard are all stocked in a huge variety of grades and thicknesses suitable for all uses.  A sheet cutting service is available upon request subject to a nominal charge for more than one cut.

SHEET MATERIALS (pdf download)


The table below represents a selection of sheet materials that we would usually expect to stock. From time to time and branch to branch this may vary, please contact our Timber Sales Team for special orders. A sheet cutting service is available upon request subject to a nominal charge for more than one cut.  Please note that we also stock a range of boards cut 2440 x 610mm and 1220x1220mm.

Exterior Grade Plywood
Sheet Size (mm) Thickness (mm)
Hardwood faces with FSC certified Radiata Pine core veneers 2440 x 1220 3.6, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 25
Structural Softwood Plywood – Sheathing Plywood
Elliottis Pine faced plywood CE2+, Eurocode 5. Phenolic Glue. 2440 x 1220 9, 12, 18
Birch Plywood BB Exterior
2440 x 1220 6, 9, 12, 18
Flexible Plywood MR Bonded – Bendi Plywood
Lightweight moisture resistant plywood caters for all shapes, curves and bends. Available in “long grain” to produce columns and “short gain” for fronts of desks, counters etc. 2440 x 1220
2440 x 1220 
Film Faced plywood
120gsm Smooth 2 sides. 2440 x 1220 18

In addition to the above a selection of veneered plywood is held as stock or is available to order, for availability please contact our Timber Sales Team.

Blockboard, Oriented Strand (OSB) & Chipboard

      Sheet Size (mm) Thickness (mm)
Tropical Hardwood Faced Blockboard
MR Bonded 2440 x 1220 18
Oriented Strand Board – OSB
Conforming to EN 300 : OSB 2 for general purpose applications, including boarding up, site hoarding, garden sheds, packaging, pallets and temporary works. 2440 x 1220 11, 18
Standard Chipboard
BS EN 312:2003 for general purpose use. 2440 x 1220 12, 18
Domestic Flooring Chipboard
Type P5, moisture resistant. 2440 x 600 18, 22

Medium Density Fiberboard – MDF

Sheet Size (mm) Thickness (mm)
Standard Grade MDF
Standard MDF is usually Class A low formaldehyde and Class D2 durability. 2440 x 1220 3.26, 9, 12, 15, 18, 25
Painted MDF
White one face 2440 x 1220 3

In addition to the above a selection of veneered and moisture proof MDF is available from stock or to order, for full details please contact our Timber Sales Team.

Perforated Hardboard – Pegboard
4.8mm Holes @ 19mm centres 2440 x 1220 3
Colourboard – Pinboard
Through colour – Green 2440 x 1220 9


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